How do I sharpen my Norden Knife?

Here is a quick video link where Norden Co-founder and custom knife maker, Josh Frey, walks you through the recommended method for sharpening your Norden blade: 

How should I clean and store my Norden Blade?

We recommend keeping your blade clean and dry. How to clean a knife blade - With warm water and food grade soap. After completely drying your knife, protect your blade by storing it in your Norden kydex sheath. For any further questions regarding the care and maintenance of your Norden knife please feel free to reach out at or give us a call at #406-982-7846.

How are Norden Knives made?

Thinner stock and skeletonized tangs create a lightweight platform to start with, while sacrificing virtually no practical strength. The blades are then heat treated to 60 HRC for the best balance of edge holding, toughness and the ability to maintain that edge with minimal care. Surface grinding to final thickness and grinding of the bevels finalizes the blade itself into a cutting tool made for high performance. Read more about how knives are made in our blog post 'Tools For The Outdoorsman'.

What is the best knife for hunting? 

Any of our Ascent Knives are made for hunting and other outdoor activity such as fishing, outdoor culinary needs and heres why! Every detail, from the handle to the tip of the blade, is designed to be evenly balanced and versatile for various tasks. If you need to take just one knife on your journey, the Ascent is the one for you.

Does Norden Knives have a service discount? 

We consider service as a way of life here at Norden and like to pass on savings to those out there daily giving their upmost in the service of others. This discount is for active or prior military and law enforcement.

To receive a discount code to apply to your future orders simply email with either a picture of your service ID, VA card or DD214. We will respond with a discount code that you can enter in your shopping cart with unlimited use.

Please note: do not forget to enter the code, as we CANNOT apply a discount codes to existing orders.

This program is designed to be a benefit to those who serve – please do not abuse it.