“Norden” is Old Norse, directly translated as

The North

The north is synonymous with long brutal winters, rough terrain, and a hunting and gathering lifestyle. 

At Norden, we believe that hard conditions breed hardened people, and those people need gear that can withstand any condition.  

Our vision is to establish Norden Knives as the premiere knife supplier that is still obtainable to the everyday outdoorsman. We will achieve this by constructing innovative, high-quality, and modular blades while maintaining our America First manufacturing concept.  

Norden Knives will offer the “Guide’s Choice” for high quality blades that can withstand the elements and help you survive the North.


Our mission is simple - design and build gear as tough as the people who use it.  Inspired by the Northern Rockies that we call home and built in the USA, we are the Knives of the North.