How Norden Knives Are Made... Right Here in Montana

How Norden Knives Are Made... Right Here in Montana

Norden is a team of people who live life outdoors. From all walks of life and areas of the country, there is a vast amount of experience and knowledge that goes into the designs and creation of our gear.

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Who is Norden Knives Knifemaker? 

Meet Josh Frey. He started building handmade knives a decade ago in pursuit of building true outdoorsman’s blades ready for use. As a full time knife maker and avid backcountry hunter, he has been able to hone in on creating knives that were everything you need and nothing you don’t.


Quality Knife Materials  

From the handle and blade materials to the design profiles and sheath styles, Norden knives carries on that same philosophy of use. Our Ascent line profiles are shaped from precision ground CPM 3V steel, which has excellent blade properties from edge to retention to extreme toughness and good corrosion resistance. 

How Knives Are Made

Thinner stock and skeletonized tangs create a lightweight platform to start with, while sacrificing virtually no practical strength. The blades are then heat treated to 60 HRC for the best balance of edge holding, toughness and the ability to maintain that edge with minimal care. Surface grinding to final thickness and grinding of the bevels finalizes the blade itself into a cutting tool made for high performance.

We use a resin based laminate material called micarta for the handles. These handles are created on our CNC machines for precision manufacturing and the ability to hold tight tolerances. Micarta is an excellent material impervious to heat, cold, moisture, impact and dimensional change. It offers a tacky grip when wet or bloody, and a “warm” feel to the users hand in cold weather.  From an aesthetics side it is available in countless colors or themes to fit everyone’s personal style or taste. The handle scales themselves are attached to the tang by a specialty fastener called gulso bolts. These fasteners are extremely strong made of stainless steel and QPQ coated for protection.



The Blade Of A Knife 

A fixed blade knife will only be carried though if its sheath is as functional as the blade itself. We build most our sheathes out of kydex or a similar injection molded process. These materials offer the best blade protection, longevity and performance out of any other alike materials. The blades are retained in a way that the user can mount the sheath in almost any configuration on belt or pack and the blade will only be deployed when the user does so. We attach our proprietary injection molded belt loops with pull the dot snaps for scout carry and a vertical carry belt loop for the Ascent Xl. All of these attachments are ambidextrous, and can be removed to attach many of the carry attachments found on the market.

The final and arguably the most important aspect is the final edge we put on. Our process gives you an absolute razors edge that cuts aggressively on materials like meat, rope and wood. The edge is what we call a “micro convex” giving you an excellent combination of edge holding and cutting performance. If all that isn’t good enough, we offer our lifetime “spa treatment” where you send the blade back to us and we completely, restore, fix, resharpen or replace as needed and return your blade back to you like new and free of charge.  

Montana Made Knives 

All of the materials and processes  we use are American manufactured and hand finished in the mountains of North West Montana. We take great pride in building the highest performance, highest value cutting tools that can be passed on for generations.

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